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TalkFest 2018 Discussions

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland returns to the Traverse Theatre in August with TalkFest 2018. A fixture at the Traverse since 2011, Talkfest is an opportunity for you to meet with and discuss the work of artists behind the wider Festival programme, as well as an opportunity to network with your peers and share practice. The lively, engaging discussions interrogate the themes and issues raised within this year's Festival and how they feed into and are reflected in the creative process.

Monday 6 August

Lynda _radley _image _Playwright Portrait

Every Picture Tells a Story

2.30 - 4pm 
Traverse 2 
Chaired by Lynda Radley   

What are the challenges of making visual theatre that doesn't begin with a traditional play - or even written text?  Are audiences liberated by the experience?  Does the approach to collaboration become complex - or fully integrated into the creation of the work?

Panel includes: Bex Anson (VOID), Al Seed (The Spinners)

Wonder Woman Headshot

Gentlemen, I just don't belong here

5 - 6.30pm
Traverse 2
Chaired by Sarah Rose Graber

With movements like the Everyday Sexism Project and #MeToo and events like No Grey Areas, is the balance of power in theatre beginning to shift and representation becoming more inclusive?  Is theatre the very art form that could lead the way in effecting long-term, fundamental change?

Panel includes: Mary Jane Wells (heroine)

Saturday 11 August

Script Surgeries - Eoincarey _0681

The Business of Playwriting

Fringe Central @ Appleton Tower
Chaired by Fiona Sturgeon Shea

Join a panel of professional practitioners, including colleagues with responsibilities for funding and fundraising, to discuss making a career as a playwright in Scotland. Followed by refreshments and networking.

Please note: This is the only TalkFest discussion at Fringe Central @ Appleton Tower

Monday 13 August

Alan McKendrick

Lost (and Found) in Translation

Traverse 2
Chaired by  Alan McKendrick

A provocative discussion about the power and potential of new work in translation, adaptation and different languages.

Jenny Knotts

Let Them Lead the Way

5 - 6.30pm
Traverse 2
Chaired by Jenny Knotts

What does the Year of Young People 2018 mean for young(er) theatre-makers? In a society where young people are vilified as 'snowflakes' yet held responsible for safeguarding the future, a panel of Generation Z and Millennial theatre artists discuss how the expectations of their generations impact on the theatre that they make.

Panel includes: Laurie Motherwell (Old Enough)



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