LabWeek SUMMER 2018

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Deadline: 16 April 2018

LabWeek is a residency in the Changing House at the Tron Theatre offered to one artist each Tron Theatre season. The one-week residency comes with a £3000 budget.

A successful LabWeek applicant receives:

  • A five-day residency in the Tron Theatre's Changing House
  • Support to plan and staff their residency within a mutually agreed budget of no more than £3,000.
  • The option to host a private sharing of the work developed over the week
  • A three-month membership with MAKER and access to the associated benefits (if not already a member)

The mission with LabWeek is to provide support that will move a project forward both creatively and logistically. The artists the Tron works with will be supported beyond the residency period itself to begin taking the steps towards wherever their project needs to go next, whether that be finding funding for further development, or finding partners for future touring.

Pitch Deadline: Mon 16 Apr, 5pm

LabWeek SUMMER: 2 - 6 July

Location: Glasgow City

For further information, please contact or visit their website.

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