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Frequently Asked Questions

I have applied for Mentoring before but was not selected, does this mean that my writing isn't what you're looking for?

Playwrights' Studio is a development organisation for playwrights, so we are not looking for a particular style of play or type of writing.  We welcome as many different ideas, stories and voices as possible.

Selection is made by considering all the different criteria, not just your writing.  These are:

  • The originality and potential of your idea and your voice
  • Your commitment to developing your playwriting skills and experience
  • How Mentoring will contribute to the development of your writing
  • The most appropriate 'fit' with our mentors, and how they can best support you in developing your play, your skills and your experience

It is very important that the Mentored Playwrights get the best possible experience from the Programme.  Your potential mentor will be part of this selection process so they will think carefully about what they can bring to your development before making any choices.

So, if you have applied before and still feel that Mentoring is an opportunity you would benefit from, do apply again.  A different mentor could very well select your application in future. Good luck!

If I am not selected, will you provide feedback on my work?

As above, selection is made by considering all the different criteria, not just your writing.  Because of this, and the volume of applications we receive every year, we are unable to provide specific feedback on your writing or on your application. 

We provide a number of opportunities to receive feedback on your work during the year, including the ongoing National Script Reading Service and script surgeries provided on an occasional basis as part of our Public Workshop Programme.  Do make sure you're signed up to receive our e-news and you will receive information about script surgeries and any other opportunities for feedback.

Can I apply for the Mentoring programme and a New Playwrights Award, at the same time?

Mentoring is geared towards aspiring and emerging playwrights who have had very little, if any, playwriting experience but are committed to developing their craft.

Applicants for New Playwrights Awards will be early-career playwrights with experience of developing their work in a workshop environment, through rehearsed readings or working with others to improve their skills. Whilst it is possible that you may be eligible for both, please think carefully about which opportunity best suits your professional development needs at this particular time. 

We are asking you to demonstrate different things within the application process so it is very important that you do not submit duplicate applications to both schemes.  Unfortunately, these cannot be accepted.
What should I include in my writing samples? 

We ask for writing samples to give the selection panel a flavour of your writing. We are not expecting the samples to be perfect. For Mentoring, your samples do not need to come from stage plays.

It is up to you to decide what you want to submit; the samples do need to be from two different pieces of writing.

Does one of the samples have to be from the idea that I want to work on?

The idea that you want to work on may not necessarily be written yet so we aren't expecting that to be one of your samples. However, if you have begun to write your idea you are welcome to submit a sample from it.

I am Scottish but based elsewhere. Will you pay my travel expenses?

Depending on where you are based, we may be able to make a contribution towards expenses, help you source alternative funding or, alternatively, consider other options such as Skype.  Please do not let this put you off applying, if you are otherwise eligible.

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