Mentored Archive 2017

Mentoring - Past Participants


Mentored by   Alan McKendrick, Johnny McKnight and Lynda Radley.

Jennifer AdamJennifer Adam Jo Lennie
Jo Lennie
Nelly Kelly
Nelly Kelly
Lorna MartinLorna Martin Kolbrún Björt SigfúsdóttirKolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir Owen WhitelawOwen Whitelaw


Mentored by  Rob Drummond Alan McKendrick and Lynda Radley.

Zoe Barrett
Zoe Barrett
Ross Dunsmore
Ross Dunsmore
Andy Edwards Thumb
Andy Edwards
Sue Gyford
Sue Gyford
Jen McGregor
Jen McGregor
ConnorConor O'Loughlin


Mentored by  Peter Arnott Rob Drummond and  Isabel Wright.

Belle Jone
Belle Jones
Lisa Keddie
Lisa Keddie
Eve Nicol
Eve Nicol
Adura Onashile
Adura Onashile
Sara Shaarawi
Sara Shaarawi
Gillian Shirreffs
Gillian Shirreffs


Mentored by  Clare Duffy Catherine Grosvenor and  Peter Arnott.

Vlad B Thumb
Vlad Butucea
Kevin Carr Thumb
Kevin Carr
Anne Hogg Thumb
Anne Hogg
Tom P Thumb
Tom Pritchard
Sam Siggs Thumb
Sam Siggs
Heloise Thumb
Heloise Thual


Mentored by  Clare Duffy Paddy Cunneen and  Peter Arnott.

Alan Gordon Thumb
Alan Gordon
Xana M thumb
Xana Marwick
Lesley W ThumbLesley Wilson Morna Young ThumbMorna Young Colin Clark

Michael Panikkou


Mentored by Paddy CunneenIsabel Wright and Douglas Maxwell.

Ali M Thumb
Ali Maloney
Julie Tsang Thumb
Julie Tsang
kris Haddow Thumb
Kris Haddow
Lindsay Miller Thumb
Lindsay Miller
Phil Baarda Thumb
Phil Baarda
Chantelle Higham


Mentored by Davey Anderson and Nicola McCartney.

Kate Davidson
Kate Davidson
Mark MacNicol Thumb
Mark MacNicol
Fiona Walton

Pauline Goldsmith


Mentored by Chris Dolan and Nicola McCartney.

Rachel Clive Thumb
Rachel Clive
James Ley
James Ley
John McCann
John McCann
Mairead Bush
Mairead Bush


Mentored by Iain F. MacLeodChris Dolan and Tanika Gupta.

George Aza-Selinger, Abigail Docherty, Becky Leach, Lisa Nicoll and James Oakley.


Mentored by Douglas MaxwellIain F. MacLeod and Rona Munro.

R Drummond Thumb
Rob Drummond
Lynda Radley Thumb
Lynda Radley
Charlotte Allan

Brian Logan
Keiran Lynn

Clare McGarry


Mentored by Douglas MaxwellChris Deans and Anne-Marie Di Mambro.

Martin B Thumb
Martin Brocklebank
Lynsey Murdoch
Lynsey Murdoch
Cormac Quinn
Cormac Quinn

Karen Barclay

Ian Low

Kenny McKenna


Mentored by Chris HannanPeter Arnott and Jo Clifford.

Robyn Hunt Thumb
Robyn Hunt
Raman Mundair
Raman Mundair
Martin T Thumb
Martin Travers
Eleanor Stewart Thumb
Eleanor Stewart

Maryam Hamidi

Caroline Campbell


Mentored by David GreigLiz Lochhead and Nicola McCartney.

Louise E Knowles Thumb
Louise E Knowles
Kathy McKean thumb
Kathy McKean
Yvonne Caddell

Liam Hurley
Lis Lee

Iain McClure

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