Access & Equalities


We work closely with all the playwrights selected to ensure that their specific requirements are met. For example, this could be provision of BSL interpreters at mentoring sessions, childcare costs or documents printed in a different format. We have a dedicated access budget that enables us to provide this support. If you would like to discuss in detail what support we can offer you before applying, please contact us via

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is essential to a thriving cultural sector and we aim to work actively with writers from a range of different backgrounds.

Because they are currently underrepresented, we strive to increase applications from and representation within our supports from playwrights:

  • Writing in Gaelic, Scots or BSL
  • Based outside the central belt of Scotland
  • From the Global Majority
  • Who are disabled*
  • From socio-economically deprived backgrounds
  • Who are female, trans or non-binary 

We welcome playwrights of any gender, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation.

Playwrights' Studio recognises the importance of diversity of thought in all spaces and are fully committed to embracing and maximising the talents of autistic people and those with dyslexia, ADHD and other forms of neurocognitive variation. We always seek to make appropriate adjustments to support processes to be fully inclusive to people with different needs and working styles. If you need us to make any reasonable adjustments for you from application onwards, please contact us.


*A note on terminology - what do we mean by disabled?

We use the term 'disabled people' or 'disabled artists' to refer to anyone who self-identifies as disabled. This can include D/deaf people if they identify as disabled as well as others living with impairments (physical, sensory, learning, cognitive, mental health, etc.) that identify as disabled. Playwrights' Studio use the Social Model of Disability and recognise that some people experience disabling barriers.

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