Accessible Services Guidance

You can also download this guidance as a .pdft document.

The following services or features are available during this event:

  • BSL interpretation
  • Live Captioning
  • Non-verbal Accessibility
  • Useful keyboard shortcuts in Zoom

Below are some suggestions for how to make the most of these services at our online events. If there are other methods that you prefer, please do let us know so we can update this guide for future events.

BSL Interpretation

The BSL interpreter for this event is Katy Smillie and Shauran Dickson.

Viewing the Interpreter

There are a few options to ensure you are able to view the interpreter throughout the event:

  • Click the three dots in the top right hand corner of the interpreter's video. Select Pin Video. In Speaker view, you will see the interpreter, with the person speaking in a smaller box on the screen.
  • If you would prefer to use Gallery view, you can choose to hide participants whose videos are turned off. Click the three dots next to any participant and select hide non-video participants. There will be no more than four videos active at any one time during the main body of the session. If you choose to use Gallery view, we would advise that you also Pin Video. If a screen is shared during the event, it will ensure that you still see the BSL interpreter.

Live Captioning

Louisa McDaid will provide live captioning for this event.

This event will use Text on Tap. Click on this link ahead of the meeting to access the service. 

Live captioning will begin when the meeting starts. As it is provided through a separate web page, you can either display your Zoom and live captioning windows side-by-side, or set up live captioning webpage on a separate device, depending on your preference. If you would like more guidance on how to do this, please contact

The transcription of the event will be made available shortly afterwards.

Screen Reader

Zoom follows the latest accessibility standards to ensure that the product is fully accessible to the latest screen readers.

Non-verbal Accessibility

As well as the chat function, Zoom has a non-verbal communication option that has been enabled for this event. The buttons can be found at the bottom of the Participants panel. If you click one of the buttons, your response will show on the screen of all participants.

The options are: yes, no, speed up, slow down, need a break, gone away, like, dislike, clap.

Useful Keyboard shortcuts in Zoom

  • Alt: Turn on/off the option Always show meeting control toolbar in Accessibility Settings
  • Alt+F1: Switch to active speaker view in video meeting
  • Alt+F2: Switch to gallery video view in video meeting
  • Alt+F4: Close the current window
  • Alt+V: Start/Stop Video
  • Alt+A: Mute/unmute audio
  • Spacebar: Temporarily unmute audio
  • Alt+F: Enter or exit full screen
  • Esc: Exit full screen
  • Alt+H: Display/hide In-Meeting Chat panel
  • Alt+U:Display/hide Participants panel
  • Alt+Y: Raise/lower hand
  • Alt+L: Switch to Portrait/Landscape View

If there is any other information that would be helpful to know before the event to  make your experience more accessible, please email, and we will be happy to answer your query.


Image: Ingrid Mur

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