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TalkFest 2015 Discussions

At TalkFest 2015, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland explored what stimulated the artists behind 2015's Made in Scotland  showcase, the Traverse Theatre's own programme and the wider Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. Lively, engaging discussions, expertly led by Scotland's leading playwrights and theatre-makers.

Life and Death Drama

Chaired by Rob Drummond

Life, death and everything in between is explored extensively by artists at this year's Festival. Can a story about the end of life still give us hope for the future? Has theatre itself, in reflecting the full spectrum of living, come of age?   

Panel included Tim Crouch (An Oak Tree), Oliver Emanuel (Dragon*), Matthew Lenton (Tomorrow), Diane Torr (Donald Does Dusty),   Muriel Romanes (The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy).

Rob Drummond

The Art of Theatre Adaptation

Chaired by Zinnie Harris

Adaptations of important novels or well known stories are at the heart of a number of major productions at this year's Festival. Why is it important to re-visit existing works of art, sometimes in the most radical of ways?

Panel included Pamela Carter (Paul Bright's Confessions of a Justified Sinner*), David Greig (Lanark: A Life in Three Acts*), Ramesh Meyyappan (Butterfly), Annie Ryan (A Girl Is A Half-formed Thing).

Zinnie Harris - Square

Blasted Theatre!

Chaired by Alan McKendrick

When it challenges the status quo, theatre encourages us to examine our own beliefs and prejudices. In some, it causes moral panic and even outrage! But it also gives important voice to those who have been censored or marginalised. What inspires artists to question traditional artistic forms, social mores or cultural or religious taboos?

Panel included Jo Clifford (The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven), Raeda Ghazaleh (Al Harah Theatre Company), Christopher Haydon (The Christians), Zoey Martinson (Ndebele Funeral), Caitriona Ni Mhurchu (Eating Seals and Seagulls' Eggs).

Alan McKendrick

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got...

Chaired by Lou Prendergast 

As human beings, how we connect with our environment can be positive and invigorating, or it can drive us to extremes. The struggle between humanity and an increasingly complex and harsh world is a fertile starting point for drama.

Panel included Claire Cunningham (Give Me a Reason to Live), John Harris (The Garden), Brian Lobel (you have to forgive me, you have to forgive me, you have to forgive me), Orla O'Loughlin and Stef Smith (Swallow), Robbie Synge (Douglas). 

Lou Prendergast

*presented by the Edinburgh International Festival

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