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TalkFest 2015 Workshops

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland hosted a series of practical workshops expertly led by Scotland's leading playwrights and theatre makers.

Honest Deception: Challenging the Audience from the Heart

A practical playwriting and performance workshop with Gary McNair (A Gambler's Guide to Dying) exploring the process behind transforming ideas into memorable theatrical experiences.

Gary McNair

Smash It Up!

Scottish playwright Stef Smith (SwallowRoadkill) will lead a practical workshop for playwrights looking at the relationship of form, content and character.

Going There!

A practical workshop exploring and confronting 'issues' through  playwriting, performance and, importantly, comedy - with Robert  Softley Gale and  Johnny McKnight (Wendy Hoose).
Wendy Hoose

The Lopsided Universe of Puppetry and Playwriting

Ailie Cohen and Lewis Hetherington (The Secret Life of Suitcases) explored the creative possibilities of combining two different artforms to tell stories of adventure, liberation and discovery.
Secret Life of Suitcases

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