TalkFest 2017 Discussions

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland explores what stimulates the artists behind the Made in Scotland showcase, the Traverse Theatre's own programme and the wider Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. Lively, engaging discussions, expertly led by Scotland's leading playwrights and theatre-makers.

The Business of Playwriting

Chaired by Fiona Sturgeon Shea

Sunday 6 August, 1 - 3pm     

Join a panel of professional practitioners to discuss making a career as a playwright in Scotland. This year will focus on building relationships with theatres. Panel includes Andy Arnold (Tron Theatre), Nan Barnett (National New Play Network, Washington), Gez Casey (Live Theatre), Rosie Kellagher (National Theatre of Scotland), Muireann Kelly (Theatre Gu Leòr), Dougie Irvine (Visible Fictions) and Lu Kemp (Perth Theatre).

Please note: This is the only TalkFest discussion at Fringe Central @ Appleton Tower
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The Writer's Director

Chaired by Rona Munro

Monday 7 August, 2.30 - 4pm, Traverse 2

How do directors work with playwrights to bring to life the world of the play? Leading directors, known for their work specialising in contemporary playwriting or in revitalising classics, discuss their careers and their productions at this year's Festival.

Panel: Philip Howard (director), Stellar Quines Artistic Director Jemima Levick (The Last Queen of Scotland), Traverse Artistic Director Orla O'Loughlin (Meet Me at Dawn), Caitlin Skinner, Artistic Director of Village Pub Theatre (Woke) and Associate Director at Birmingham Rep Tessa Walker (The Whip Hand)

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It's a Playwright's Life

Chaired by Philip Howard

Monday 7 August, 5 - 6.30pm, Traverse 2

What (or who) have been the main influences for playwrights at this year's Festival? What do they feel the future holds for playwriting? Playwrights discuss how their plays sit in the context of their overall work.

Panel: Brad Birch (Black Mountain), Elinor Cook (Out of Love), Chris Dolan (The Cause of Thunder), Rona Munro (Chairwoman, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland), Frances Poet (Adam)

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Pop goes the theatre!

Chaired by Nicola McCartney

Monday 14 August, 2.30 - 4pm, Traverse 2

Where do pop and theatre meet? Has the connection evolved from the phenomenon of the jukebox musical into a different, more experimental form? Does pop make theatre more accessible - or does it trivialise?

Panel: Neil Cooper (arts journalist), Julia Croft (Power Ballad) Clare Marcie (What Would Kanye Do?) Gareth Nicholls (Letters to Morrissey) discuss how popular music has influenced them and theatre-making in general.
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Staging a Revolution

Chaired by Adura Onashile

Monday 14 August, 5 - 6.30pm, Traverse 2

How do different artists approach the dramatisation of political themes or historical events? How do they balance the political message with the creation of an absorbing theatrical experience?

Panel: Josette Bushell-Mingo (Nina - a story about me and Nina Simone), Annie George (Home is Not the Place), Apphia Campbell (Woke), Jaimini Jethwa (The Last Queen of Scotland) and Selina Thompson (Salt)
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