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Writers: Erica Mack, Felix Maxwell, Madison Pollack, Derek Roland

Monday 6 August & Monday 13 August - 7.30pm - Traverse Theatre

Directed by Philip Howard and Jemima Levick.

Four readings from brand new plays.

  • Rebecca's ghost rises from its casket, worried that her mother will be furious with her for coming home late.
  • Ia's husband has been invited to the castle share his 'gift' of second sight with Lady Seaforth. Jealous, she seeks visions of her own.
  • Edward and Richard, two young princes imprisoned in the Tower of London, act out their Father's final battle at Tewkesbury, which won him the throne.
  • Jillian's first conceptual art exhibition, featuring rocks painted as animals, accidentally triggers a civil war.

Extracts from the plays are performed as script-in-hand readings by professional actors. These brand new playwrights from USA and UK are graduating from the MSc in Playwriting at the University of Edinburgh.


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Image credit: Eoin Carey

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