Green Arts

Playwrights' Studio currently implement an appropriate environmental procedure and aspire to develop it further. We aim to reduce all printed material produced and to recycle the printed material that we do produce in a responsible manner. 

We have digitised the majority of our communications, actively encouraging people to receive emails rather than letters, brochures and flyers and centralising information on our website. Our script reading service and application processes now encourage digital submissions where possible and this has proved 99.9% successful. Staff with personal e-readers/tablets use these to read scripts. 

Where we do produce printed materials, we produce them on paper stock that is at least 50% recycled. We purchase environmentally friendly products wherever possible (recycled paper, envelopes, printer cartridges and energy saving light bulbs). All company and freelance travel is booked by rail rather than air whenever possible. Staff walk to meetings/venues in Glasgow whenever this is possible.

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland are cultural tenants in the Centre for Centomporary Arts (CCA). Information about the CCA's environment policy can be found here.

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland are proud members of Creative Carbon Scotland's Green Arts Initative

By joining this intiative we have pledged to:

  • Appoint a Green Champion
  • Strive to improve our monitoring and measuring of environmental impacts each year
  • Send an informal report, at least once a year, of what environmental action we've taken 

If you have any questions about Playwrights' Studios' GAI membership or environmental policies please email our Green Champion, Emma McKee, at

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