Scotland - A Place for Playwrights

Our vision is one where Scotland is the foremost centre of playwriting in the world.  It is a place where playwrights thrive and excel and where they are valued as central and essential to a strong and healthy culture.

Scotland's playwrights lead the way in the creation of ideas, of new forms and visions, and in the quality, originality and vibrancy of their plays. 

Scotland's playwrights respect and welcome the participation of audiences, whose lives and stories they reflect back to us - live - encouraging engagement in the present and involvement in active debate. 

The work of Scotland's playwrights enriches, entertains, and moves us beyond ourselves.  Playwrights help us to imagine the future.

Scotland's playwrights are a distinctive, diverse and highly skilled group of artists who receive sustained support throughout their careers and whose work is commissioned and performed widely at home and abroad.

Scotland is a place for playwrights.  It is a place where passion, trust and confidence in playwriting - and its power and potential to shape national cultural identity and transform the lives of its people - is appreciated and embraced.  Other countries and their playwrights look to Scotland with aspiration, as somewhere to exchange ideas, to learn and to collaborate.


Playwrights' Studio, Scotland is the nation's only arts organisation exclusively dedicated to the long-term support, development and promotion of Scotland's playwrights.  We work actively and creatively with playwrights, connecting them with audiences and organisations, for the ultimate enrichment and enjoyment of the people of Scotland and beyond.


1. Strengthen and provide vital support and resources for Scotland's playwrights.

2. Actively promote Scotland's playwrights, their plays and the craft of playwriting.

3. Stimulate, lead and facilitate critical thinking about playwriting through discussion, debate and advocacy.

4. Increase the efficiency and sustainability of Playwrights' Studio for the benefit of Scotland's playwrights and the people of Scotland.

The aims and objectives inform all of the choices Playwrights' Studio makes, including its programmes, services, projects and personnel. They represent the current collective vision of the Board and employees of Playwrights' Studio and are reviewed regularly. All organisations need to evolve through time and, whilst adhering to the fundamental principles they contain, some of the detail may adjust in response to internal and external changes.

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