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Through the (Stage to P)ages

Writers have been submitting scenes to Stage to Page since April 2011. With over 800 submissions, more than 100 scenes have been selected and given workshops and readings since the event's inception.

The firm focus of this event has always been on offering an opportunity for writers to hear their work aloud, often for the first time, and to help develop their script further. 

We must also not forget the key contributors to this great event: the actors, directors and the observers. In a fast and furious workshop environment, the actors selected in an open-casting process on the night - under the expert direction of the volunteer directors - bring to life the raw scripts of the playwrights. And all of the while this happens under the supportive and inquisitive eyes of the observers.

Over the years Stage to Page has also been lucky to have an enviable range of industry guests. As well as reading and selecting the scenes, these guests have encouragered and given words of wisdom to the writers and the onlooking audience. Hosts include Andy Arnold, Linda McLean, Peter Arnott, Nicola McCartney, George Aza-Selinger, Liz Carruthers, Andy Corelli, Stef Smith, Paddy Cunneen, Fiona Sturgeon Shea, Chris Dolan, Julie Ellen, Michael Emans, Morag Fullarton, Iain Heggie, Alison Peebles, Stuart Hepburn, Libby McArthur, Michael Hines, Mary McCluskey, Alice McGrath, and Ed Robson 

Stage to Page continues to thrive due to the thousands of observers that have moved between workshop spaces, watching the writers, directors and actors shape the scenes over the course of an hour. And, as always, the facilitators have been on-hand to keep everyone right.  

Below is a list of the Stage to Page writers and scenes by year.


Charlie Ward - Gordon Street  
Neil Chue Hong - Dreams of Flying
Scott Robert - A Flood of Vinegar
Greg Andrew - The Stag in December 
Laura Rimmer - The Invisible Woman
Cicely Gill - Something for the Crows
Daniella Di Mambro - The Cruel Mother
Jack DicksonThree Leaps of the Gazelle
Isla Robertson - Fair Play
Conor O'LoughlinExquisite Corpse
Janet Nixon - Stuck
Sean Wilkie - Two for One
Alan Brady - Deceased
Helen Bang - Boundary Issues
Tom Murray - Woodstock
Sylvia DowLooking for the One
Sean Langtree - The Six
Max Chase - Starchild
Nora Smyth - Why Do You Always End Up Here?
Colin Burnett - Chasing It
Katy Nixon - Straight Outta Saughton
Michael Burnett - All In
Robert Dawson Scott - Threads
Catriona Duggan - The Camino Provides
Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir - Where Exactly
Mhairi Quinn - Ashes to Ashes
Jill Franklin - Hindsight
Anna Rattray - How it Starts
Daisy Jo Lucas - Safe Space
Tom Murray - Underground


John Paul McBride - Jist the Wance
Laura TansleyWhat's the Weather Like Where You Are
Daisy Lucas - The Goblin King 
Jo Lennie -  A Pound of Flesh
Angela Ness - In Cardboard Boxes
Helen Bang - The Gatekeeper 
Claire McCracken - Undo New
Elissa Soave - Killer Bride
George Carson - Home Help 
Kenny Boyle - A Victorian Parlour
Ian MacPherson - Two Men, One Lighthouse
Magi Gibson - Trust No One 
Chris DeansThe Cusp
Ros Borland - Best Served Cold
Frances Ferry-Mackenzie - Roxy and Bianca 
Robert Ramage - The Ambient Store
Fergus Mithchell - DNA
Michael John O'Neill - Headland 
Emily Strong - Gene and Thomas are In Love
Sean Langtree - 840 Minutes
Carrie-Anne Wilde - Incubator 
Catriona Duggan - Things Change
George Carson - Christmas Tears 
Brenda Carson - The Ether Frolics of Ballinascreen 
Anne Baliney - Truth or Dare
Corinne SalisburyEther
Melanie Combe - Send in the Clowns 
David Kilby - Unrequited in 1969
Morag Moffat - Dress Rehearsal
Lauren Aviah Clarke - The Fenian 


Emily Ashton - Morven
Anna Blainey - Waking 
Tom Dickson - Meet the Troll 
George Docherty - Butcher Meat 
Anne HoggShe's Gone
Jo LennieThe Keepsake
Angela Ness - Blood's Thicker than Water
Nelly Snow - The Mass Murder 
Laura TansleyGreat White 
Anna Blainey - Waking
Kenny Boyle - Solar
Jordan Mechano - All of Us Islands
Kate Ascott-Evans - The One 
George Docherty - The Angel of Manse
Barbara Ellison - Trivia
Cicely Gill - Killing People is a Serious Business
Scott Cadenhead  - Crocodile Skin Feet
Ailie Hunter - Night of the Prophecy
Jo LennieDeep in the Heart of Me
Jason Sweeney - Ultravirus
Anne HoggSisters
Stephen Brackenridge - Plook
Fergus Mitchell - Timewatch
Heloise ThualWhite Monochrome Kingdom
Stewart Schiller  - The Heat is On


Anna Blainey - Giving Up the Ghost 
Kenny Boyle - Rust With Me 
Daniel CameronI Saw Red; A Song for Billy
Katrina Conaglen - The Novelist and the Thief 
Louise Darroch - Stephen 
Chris DeansAnd So Die 
Tom Dickson - Throne Room 
George Docherty - Butcher Meat 
Cicely Gill - If You are Afraid of Wolves 
Francis Hagan - Ithaka
Val Herrick - The National Wealth Service
Anne HoggAnd the River Runs Red 
Lisa Keddie27 and a Bit Hours
Sonya Kunawicz - Go On Then 
Sean Langtree - Common Appointment 
Jo LennieNegatives 
Ashby McGowan - Acting; Litter
Leona McPherson - The Elephant in the Room 
Tom Moriarty - Below
Scott Robert - A Life in a Living Room 
Scott Robert - Never a Borrower or Lender Be; Returning Rainy Day  
Stewart Schiller - Having Control 
Robert Dawson Scott - Mrs Sappho 
Gerron Stewart - Hostile
Heloise ThualBroken Teeth Queen and the Paper Tigers
Alfie Wellcoat - Confined 
Lesley WilsonLips that Touch Liquor


Jennifer Adam - Fragments; Breathing Out 
Ros Borland - Gold Dust
Mona Bozdog - Shortcuts
Michael Burnett - Capital Converse
Erin Carter - Craven Choke Puppies
Colin Clark - Woman on a Train
Alex  Cox - Sealed; My Name is Jesus...; Do
Jonathon Durie - My Cousin Angus
Magi Gibson - Our Boys
Kevin P GildaySeen and Not Seen
Cicely Gill - You are the Driver and the Guard
John Gilmore - Charlie Boden's Well
Val Herrick - The Club-Club
Anne HoggHigh Jinx
Molly InnesLegacy
Belle JonesBelongingsSlain
John Paul McBride - Double Dunt
Leona McPherson - Mothering Heights
Ian McPherson - Surprise Funeral!
Angela Ness - Tick Tock
Mariana Palos - Porcelaine
Ewan Park - Archie Gemmill and the Inevitable Omniverse
Michael ShandDoors Close, They Never Lock 
Anna Stewart - Story of the Deer; Reduced
Heloise ThualDon't Forget to Place a Kiss on the Meat 


Jerry Brannigan - Decision Time
Michael Burnett & Joseph McCann - Penguin Love; Lace up 
Jack DicksonThe Happy Place
Stewart EnnisGoats on the Roof 
Cicely Gill - Looking for Jake Brown; Socks and Biros; No Danger from the Cutlery 
Sophie Good - Ham 
Tory Gray - The Argument
Francis Hagan - A Little Winter Love
Val Herrick - Antiques
Geoff Holder - I Walked With a Zombie
Robyn HuntBooner and Swan 
David Kilby - Camembert
Carolyn McCole - Reaching for the Brakes
Martin McCormick - Squash 
Ashby McGowan - The Birth of a Selchie
Phyllis McGowan & Neil Cairns - A Job with the Council
John Patrick Martin - Floor Boy    
Tom MurrayOffice Hours
Angela Ness & Glenn Davies - Solstice
Mhairi Quinn - The Bake Sale; For Better of For Ma Worse; Till Death Do Us Part
Michael Richardson - The Last Will and Testament of Alasdair James McKay 
Michael ShandDepravity; Different
John Stuart - Dirty Water
Julie Tsang - Troon


Charlotte Anderson - Brain Worm  
Mark Coleman - Nobillisima Femina
Jack Dickson - Taking Care of Princess
Cath Fergusson - An End to Stupit Questions; Scene Two  
Hannah Fowles - Collared
Kel Glaister - In Camera
Michael Hart - Afterwards
Peter Lamb - Captive
Riley Madincea - The Missing Place
Mairead Martin - Brittle End 
Janine McEwan - Bang! Bang! Bang!
Linda Duncan McLaughlin - Safe 
Moira McPartlin - A Handful of Glaur
Fergus Mitchell - Four by Six, Six by Four
Tom Murray - Girls Can't Run; Till Death Us Do Part
Mhairi Quinn - While the Kettle's Boiling 
Eliza Shackleton - The Purity Ring
Thomas Simpson - Black Circle
Julie Tsang - Play Dead





Photo Credit: Scott Cadenhead, Laurie Motherwell and Ray James

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