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Theatres are closed for now, but that doesn't mean that people aren't creating. 

This What's On aims to be a comprehensive guide to digital content from Scotland's playwrights. It is updated on a regular basis and included in our e-news.

If you have an event you would like featured here, please email us with the following information and attachments:

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  • Dates
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March 2021

14 October 2020 - 31 March - Duck Rabbit by Pamela Carter

Premiered on 27 January - Earwig, The Deadlift by Stef Smith

Premiering on 3 February - Earwig, There is still something yet to discover by Hannah Lavery

Premiering on 4 February - An Isolated Incident, episode 1 by Kenny Boyle

Premiering on 5 February - 2020 Stories Part Two, short plays by Andrew Gallagher, Catherine Wilson, Allan Othieno, Calum Moore, Catherine Tausney, Emma Ruse, Fraser Scottt, GR Greer, Padraic Riddle, Mitchell Robertson, Matthew Midgett, Bronwyn Dickson, Kayleigh MacDonald, Kate Stevens, Katie Wightman, Sophie Wink, Rose Sharkey, Kate Ireland, Bluey Little, Goose Masondo

Premiering on 10 February - Earwig, Tikka by Johnny McKnight

Premiering on 11 February - An Isolated Incident, episode 2 by Kenny Boyle

Premiering on 17   February - Earwig, The Last Dance by Morna Pearson

Premiering on 18 February - An Isolated Incident, episode 3 by Kenny Boyle

22 February - 22 March - McGonagall's Chronicles by Gary McNair

22 February - 22 March - Fragments of Home by Annie George

Premiering on 24 February - Earwig, Slug Love by Jo Cliffordl

Premiering on 25 February - An Isolated Incident, episode 4 by Kenny Boyle

26 February - 6 March - HOTLINE / ESCAPE REALITY, CALL THE MOON! devised by Produced Moon, Meghan Tyler and Nima Séne

Premiering on 3 March - Earwig, Fortunes by Luke Sutherland

Premiering on 4 March - An Isolated Incident, episode 5 by Kenny Boyle

Premiering on 11 March - An Isolated Incident, episode 6 by Kenny Boyle

12 March - Jennie Lee: Tomorrow is a New Day by Matthew Knights

18 March - Wasps by Cameron Forbes


April 2021

13 - 18 April - The Journey created by Scott Silven, written by Rob Drummond

30 April - 2 May - Tennis Elbow by John Byrne


May 2021

25 - 29 May - Meet Me at Dawn by Zinnie Harris

28 - 30 May - Hindu Times  by Jamini Jethwa


June 2021

25-27 June - The Mother Load by Lynda Radley


July 2021

23-25 July - Black Diamonds and the Blue Brazil  by Gary McNair


August 2021

 27-29 August - Sophia by Frances Poet

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