Blogs from the Playwrights' Studio team, playwrights and others involved in new writing in Scotland and beyond.

Green Arts Day 2020

Playwright Hazel Darwin-Clements asks what theatre can do to to tackle Climate Change.
Written by Hazel Darwin-Clements at 14:00

Quiet Conversations: The Alpine Fellowship Symposium

Playwright Zoe Bullock discusses her experiences at the Alpine Fellowship Symposium 2019.
Written by Zoe Bullock at 00:00

Martin O'Connor: The Year of Ossian

Playwright Martin O'Connor, Dr Gavin Wallace Fellow 2018, discusses his experience of the Fellowship.
Written by Martin O'Connor at 00:00

Where are all the Playwrights in Dundee? Playwrights' Studio at Rep Stripped

Here's what happened during our day at Rep Stripped! #FlashbackFriday
Written by Rachael MacDonald at 00:00

Descent: Mental Health Awareness Week

Playwright Linda Duncan McLaughlin discusses dementia and mental health. Part of Mental Health Awareness Week.
Written by Linda Duncan McLaughlin at 00:00


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