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Alexandria Patience

Alexandria Patience is an interdisciplinary artist with formal theatre and arts training and extensive experience in creating theatre.  She is a writer, director and performer. Her formal theatre training was completed in Scotland and in Canada. While living in Calgary, Canada she was one of three women who began Maenad Theatre, a women's centred company creating new works of performance. Alex has written or collaborated in the writing of the plays: Mother Tongue, Aphra, The Cocoa Diary, Speaking in Mother Tongues and You. A section from You was translated into Spanish and published in the Argentinian anthology El Perfecto Sexo.

Aphra, an imagistic vision of the life of C17th writer, Aphra Behn, was published in Canada in 2017 and jointly launched through a live-streamed event in Scotland at The Glasgow Women's Library and in the Drama Department of the University of Calgary.

Her current artistic practice is in performance making using storytelling, audio, objects and in festival /community event making, with a focus in integrating community involvement, working inter-generationally & in creating engaging indoor and outdoor events.

Since 2012, she has annually created the Portskerra International Storytelling Festival with the support of the Scottish Storytelling Centre and has created two  longstanding outdoor audio art walks with stories recorded with her local community; Portskerra/Melvich Stories 1 & 2.

An aspect of her practice for many years has been on how we view death and the sharing of the process of grieving. Alex has explored and made projects on these themes in Scotland, Canada and Mexico. She examines the boundaries between public and private experience. Since her return from Canada her focus has been in maintaining a freelance arts career while living remotely from the hub of the Central Belt.

Alex is a member of Equity and of the Scottish Artist Union.

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