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Alice Mary Cooper

'Cooper is a performer and storyteller dedicated to instilling a sense of wonder in her audience.' Broadway Baby

Alice is a playwright, theatre maker, actor and clown originally from Sydney, Australia.  She makes performances for all ages that are highly physical with a strong character focus. She is passionate about sustainability and creating work that has the environment at its heart.

Alice creates theatre that is imaginative, thoughtful and daring. She seeks to tell stories that speak challenging truths about ourselves and our world, reconnecting audiences to themselves, their communities and environments as well as provoking dialogue and change toward more sustainable futures.

Following a Bachelor of Creative Arts Degree (Melbourne University), Alice trained at L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier (Paris) and was then Resident Artist at Shopfront Contemporary Arts (Sydney).

Alice's highly physical storytelling show, Waves ('a miniaturist gem' The Observer), has been presented extensively including to the Edinburgh International Children's Festival, Auckland Arts Festival and New Zealand International. Her theatre clown show The Bean Counter was recently presented at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival opening weekend and at the Hidden Door Festival. Together with Eszter Marselko and Claire Willoughby she recently co-created and toured Puffin, an ecological theatre work for young people produced by Independent Arts Projects.

She is currently developing several new theatre works including Billie and the Kelly Gang: a piece set against the Kelly's Bush Green Ban of the 1970s and Blue Cow, a new programme of performance that explores what it means to be contaminated. 

Mentoring Programme 2019

Alice was part of our Mentoring Programme in 2019. Alice developed her play Billie and the Kelly Gang:

It's Sydney 1971, and a group of women are trying to save Kelly's Bush, the last remaining undeveloped bushland in the suburb of Woolwich. They are the 'Battlers for Kelly's Bush'. Together with the decidedly communist Builders Labourers Federation, these 13 'genteel housewives' formed an unlikely allegiance and changed history. The play aims to tell this incredible, but little known story, from the perspective of Billie, the fictional eleven year-old child of one of the battlers.  

Alice was mentored by Oliver Emanuel.

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