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Andy Edwards

Andy Edwards is an award-winning playwright, performer and dramaturg.

Theatre credits include: In Burrows (Mar 2018 / Mar 2019, Tron Theatre / Assembly Roxy), Scribble (Aug 2017, Assembly Roxy - ART award winner), The Ground, the Highest Point (Sept 2015, Z-Arts / Spontaneous Combustion), and Killing Time (Aug 2012, Bedlam Theatre).

Rehearsed readings include: Arketype (May 2019, Tron Theatre - Mayfesto Writer in Residence commission), Tomorrow, Under Snow (May 2019, Tron Theatre - PYROMANIA commission for FIRE EXIT) and The Square Mile (Oct 2017, 'A Play, A Poet, A Pastry' at Theatre Royal Dumfries).

Radio includes: Bridges over the Clyde (Apr 2018, Tate N Lyle's 'Radio Play')

Dramaturgy includes: Talking Dramaturgy: Another Zine (Publication, Sept 2018), Let the Music Play on and on and on and on and on and on and on  (July 2019, Carrie Skinner / CCA), On the Waves of the Air (April 2018, Carrie Skinner / Glasgow International), Talking Dramaturgy: A Zine (Publication, Aug 2017).

Andy has also led Script Surgeries and Dramaturgy Workshops for Tron Theatre (June 2019) and In Motion Theatre Company (Oct 2018).

Photograph by Mihaela Bodlovic

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