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Catriona Scott

Catriona is a playwright who spent her formative years abroad and currently resides in St Andrews. She began writing plays in the second year of her undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews. Three of these plays, This Breathing World, her modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and Antic Disposition were performed and the latter, with the new title Shakespeare Syndrome, was performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016. She graduated in November 2017 from the University of Edinburgh's MSc in Playwriting and now works at The Byre Theatre in St Andrews in Box Office & Promotions.

Mentoring Programme 2021

Catriona is part of our Mentoring Programme for 2021.

Ekaterinberg, Russia. 1936. When Marta Starikov's brother is arrested for protesting against the regime, she is determined to avoid his fate. She wants to succeed under Stalin's rule, but does this selfish ambition contradict with the state's ideals? When a subversive family moves into her communal apartment, their disgust with the system clashes with her adherence to it, and she begins to question her loyalty to the regime. As absolute truths become uncertain and tensions rise, will Marta be able to toe the Party line, or will the NKVD also come knocking for her in the middle of the night? 

Catriona is mentored by Adura Onashile.

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