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Birds of Paradise & Playwrights' Studio Mentoring Award Playwright

Emily Ingram

Emily Ingram is a Scottish-based theatre writer, director, performer, and props-maker. She grew up in Portsmouth, England, before moving to Edinburgh as a teenager. She went on to complete an Honours degree at the University of Edinburgh and was part of the pilot group for Birds Of Paradise's Young Artists scheme.  Other training has included a Snapshot Placement at the Young Vic.

Work as a playwright includes critically acclaimed Fringe production The Grandmothers Grimm, a piece exploring how women contributed to - and were erased from - the Brothers Grimm's famous fairy tale anthology; The Sprite In The Dolls House (Palace of Holyroodhouse's Christmas events programme, 2019); and adaptations including Virginia Woolf's Orlando and Aristophanes' The Birds.

Other theatre work includes Quantum Physics Vs Zombies (University of Glasgow; Glasgow Science Festival), The Grandmothers Grimm (Some Kind of Theatre, UK tour), Sherlock Holmes: The Final Reckoning (Twisted Thistle; David Stuart Davies), and Dead White Anarchists (Paul Case Spoken Word). She has also enjoyed working as a director for Edinburgh Acting School's Performance Course; as an assistant director for Aulos Productions; and as a props-maker for A War Of Two Halves (This Is My Story Productions) at Tynecastle Stadium, Edinburgh.

As a community theatre director, Emily worked with Amnesty International: St Mark's branch in 2014 to create a production of Christine Bacon's verbatim theatre piece, Even If We Lose Our Lives at Summerhall. During the 2020 lockdown, Emily worked for global Shakespeare project, The Show Must Go Online, as a props-maker, associate stage manager, and associate director.

Birds of Paradise & Playwrights' Studio Mentoring Award 2021

Emily is part of our Birds of Paradise & Playwrights' Studtio Mentoring Award for 2021 and is developing a new play.

It is 1851 and Mary Shelley is dying, surrounded by her husband's manuscripts and calcified heart, her own work forgotten. As she draws her last breath, a tunnel opens into her memory and Mary recalls her life in perfect detail: sickness and infidelity, motherhood and loss, all watched over by the long, imposing shadow of the famous mother she never knew. This is Mary Shelley's forgotten story, with every monster and demon revealed.

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