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Gabriella Sloss

Gabriella is a Glasgow-based playwright, who recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MLitt in Playwriting and Dramaturgy.

She is Co-Founder, Writer and Marketing Manager for theatre company, Skin Deep Theatre.  As a writer, she enjoys working both collaboratively and independently. She has worked with improv-based rehearsals to create scripts such as The Gunning Sisters, which was performed at Sloans (Glasgow, 2016) as part of the On The Verge Festival. She is also currently working with a dramaturg to develop her piece GOOD SEX AFTER BAD SEX, which will be performed as a work-in-progress at Assembly Roxy in their 2019 Spring programme.

During her undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, Gabriella wrote monologues and short plays for the university theatre company (Theatre with Teeth), an arts collective (Writers' Bloc), and Politmore Festival (formerly Arts on the Move Festival), where she also worked as Programme Coordinator. She also adapted and directed the 1960s novel Beautiful Losers into a play called Rotten Heroes, which was performed at Tobacco House (Exeter, 2014).

Gabriella has a keen interest in sexuality and sex education, and has undergone training in sex education through the Terrence Higgins Trust. As such, Gabriella identifies as a sex positive writer, often delving into this subject area and exploring topics such as sexual violence, sexual pleasure, fantasy and taboo.

Mentoring Programme 2019

Gabriella was part of our Mentoring Programme for 2019. She developed a new play as part of the programme. 

After an act of sexual violence, Harriet is finding it hard to be physically intimate with her partner and it's taking a toll on her relationship. She determines her own route to sexual healing and seeks help online and finds Jake, a sex worker self-described as the "King of the Clitoris". This is a story about the kind of trust, honesty and solace that comes from two strangers within a finite period of time.

Gabriella was mentored by Morna Pearson.

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