Gregory Burke


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Gregory Burke

Gregory Burke is a Scottish playwright from Rosyth, Fife.

Gregory Burke's first play was Gagarin Way, set in the factories of West Fife. His play,  Black Watch, for the National Theatre of Scotland, debuted at the 2006 Edinburgh Festival, meeting with critical acclaim, and has since been performed throughout Scotland, and has also toured theatres in London, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. He has also written  Occy Eyes, The Straits, Unsecured, On Tour, Liar and  Shell Shocked. His most recent play was  Hoors, which opened at the Traverse Theatre on 1 May 2009. 

His play, Black Watch, won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for Best Play, the South Bank Show Theatre Award in 2007, and the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Play in 2009.

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