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Hector MacMillan

24 September 1929 - 1 April 2018

On leaving school, Hector's first employment offered training to become an Insurance Valuator & Assessor, but the constant sight of the adjacent Anchor Line offices brought about a change of plan. After obtaining the necessary certificate, he became a sea-going Radio Officer.

Following his marriage, he came ashore to work as an electronics technician with Glasgow University, going on to work in Nuclear research at CERN in Geneva. After four years in Switzerland, he returned to Scotland to work in oceanographic research, followed by some years in nucleonics with medical and industrial applications. The sale of a first television play then launched a new career as full-time playwright.

For over 40 years, he combined the life of a freelance dramatist with research into luthery.

"When we talk of the revival of Scottish Theatre, the name of Hector MacMillan must be at the front of our minds. His seminal work in the 1970s included such plays as The Rising or The Royal Visit, which re-opened our minds to our own history, and the satirical and still apt dramatic exploration of sectarianism, The Sash. His translations of Molière too attract well-deserved praise. In fact, Hector has been a key figure in Scottish theatre for over forty years."

".... Hector is now, following the great figures of Robert McLellan and Ena Lamont Stewart, appointed by his peers as the Scottish Society of Playwrights' Honorary lifetime President."

Professor Ian Brown. ASLS


In addition to a large number of drama scripts [1967-1987] for educational film, television and radio, Hector's work includes:

1966 To Stand Alone. [TV]

1968 Land Without Children. [TV]

1970 The Rising. [Radio]

1971 The Resurrection Of Matthew Clydesdale. [Stage]

1971 The Ecumenical Corpse. [Radio]

1972 Royal Visit. [Radio]

1972 Solidarity. [TV]

1972 Ayrshire Lang Syne. [Film]

1973 The Ballad of Harvey's Dyke. [Radio]

1973 Krassivy, Krassivy. [Radio]

1973 The Rising. [Stage]

1973 The Sash. [Stage]

1974 Royal Visit. [Stage]

1976 The Gay Gorbals. [Stage]

1977 [wkg title] Blithe Spirit. [Film]

1977 Oh What A Lovely Peace! [Stage]

1980 Clann A Cheo [Stage]

1981 Capital Offence [Stage]

1981 Eine Kleine NachtmŸtze [Stage]

1982 Highest In The Forest. [Radio]

1982 Out In The Open. [TV]

1983 The Personal Touch.[TV]

1985 The Misanthrope [Radio]

1986 Jeppe o the Hill [Radio]

1987 The Hypochondriak [Stage]

1988 The Funeral [Stage]

1989 Tigh na Triubhais [Stage]

1989 Noblesse Obleege [Stage]

1990 Bridging The Gap [Stage]

1991 Figaro The Barber! [Stage]

1994 Whisky Galore [Radio]

1997 A Greater Tomorrow [Stage]

2004 Handful of Rogues [Book]

2006  The Night Campbeltown Press-ganged the Press Gang

2009 The Unco Guid [Stage]

2009 Del Gesu's Viola [Stage or Radio]

2015  Luthery and The Helmholtz Equation : An Empirical Approach

2015  Muir of Huntershill

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