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Isla Robertson

Isla Robertson is a playwright from Morvern in the west highlands of Scotland. Her work for stage includes The Coffin Race (Tron 100), Fair Play (Stage to Page), On Air (In Motion Theatre Company), The Beginning of Now (written as part of the Playwright Studio Scotland Mentoring Programme), Mum (Stage to Page) and After the Beep and Body Issues (both Interabang Productions filmed during 2020). Her short story, The Beach, was long-listed for The Mogford Prize in 2020. She is currently developing Digging Deeper with 'Soil Voices' as part of Our Living Soil's culturalresponse to the World Congress of Soil Science Glasgow 2022.

New Playwrights Award Recipient 2021

Isla will be developing a new play as part of her New Playwrights Award:

St Kilda is an epic tale of that extraordinary island's history told through the eyes of a young St Kildan woman on the eve of their evacuation in 1930. Weaving their myths and the reality of their world together she tells the story of her life as they face up to the knowledge that, if they go through with it, in the morning nothing will ever be the same again.

Isla is receiving dramaturgical support on her play from Nicola McCartney.

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