Lou Prendergast


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Lou Prendergast

Dr Lou Prendergast is a Glasgow-based writer, director, performer and theatre-maker. She completed a writing attachment with the National Theatre of Scotland. A former journalist, Lou graduated in Sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, having specialised in site-specific installation. Theatre is now the space where she brings synthesis to her intellectual, political and visual ideas; with a creative practice realised via a female perspective, a mixed-race sensibility and a social conscience.

An artist residency with Ankur Productions in 2012 culminated in a scratch performance of the monologue, Waiting for My Daddy (Ankur/Citizens Theatre, 2010). Her presentation of Whatever Happened to Harry? (Arches LIVE 2012) won the Arches Blackbox Graduate Award; and the third part of the trilogy, Fifty Shades of Black (Ankur/Citizens Theatre, 2013) was then 'remixed' as Fifty Shades of Black (Dub Version) (Ankur, CCA, 2013). She received a Creative Scotland 20 for 14 Commonwealth commission for Blood Lines (The Arches, Culture 2014). Tommy's Song (NTS / Òran Mór, 2015) marked the first play written for a male, in which Lou directed an actor in a solo performance. AWKWARD - A Life in Twenty-Six Postures (Swallow Theatre, 2016) was presented as a preview production.

Performances in other people's shows include the 2013 and 2014 presentations of Cain's Book (Untitled Projects/The Arches) and Emancipation Acts (ACCG/Culture 2014) and the play and film elements of Stewart Laing's Them! (NTS/Tramway 2019).

Lou completed a PhD in Contemporary Playwriting at UWS, supported by Playwrights' Studio, Scotland. Her research, 'Creating a Conscious Theatre Practice as Self-Realisation Process' is due to be published by Brill-Rodopi. The three theatrical productions that made up the practical elements of the research were presented under the Black Star Projects theatre company, of which she is Artistic Director. Lou's interests are in the connections between yoga, consciousness and theatre.

Photograph by Alan McCredie

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