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Mariem Omari

Mariem is a writer and activist who lived in conflict zones across the Middle East and North Africa for five years. During that time she worked with refugees and survivors of violence. She has since committed to promoting the stories of voices that are not often heard to advocate for greater equality. Her first play, If I Had A Girl..., on honour violence in Asian communities in Scotland, sold-out in Glasgow in 2016, and toured nationally in 2017.

She was one of the National Theatre of Scotland's Starter for 10, selected to develop her play, One Mississippi which showcased in 2017, and will tour Scotland in 2022.

She had three plays commissioned and produced in 2019 - The Trojans, performed by Syrian Refugees; her first children's play, Paper Memories, which focused on migration and displacement; and Walkin' the Line commissioned by AIMS Advocacy as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2019.

Her new play, Revolution Days about her experiences as an Aid Worker, will showcase in 2021; and her new audio piece The Jinn in Me commissioned by LUX/BBC Arts about Jinn beliefs, will be out on BBC platforms this year.

Most recently she co-wrote and directed the BBC Scotland monologue film/audio series Breaking Point based on the testimonies of men across Scotland. She is Co-founder and Artistic Director of Bijli Productions.

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