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Nelly Kelly

Nelly Kelly is a neurodiverse, non-binary playwright, dramaturg, performer and drag artist. They have a masters with distinction in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from the University of Glasgow and were previously a mentored playwright with Playwrights' Studio, Scotland.

Their work platforms and celebrates queer identities, with a particular focus on bringing three dimensional trans representation and queer/trans joy to the stage.

Nelly has recently finished writing a commissioned Scene for Survival with the National Theatre of Scotland and the BBC. They are currently in an ongoing development creating Waiting for God…oh with a cast of 7 trans and non-binary performers, in collaboration with Queen Jesus Productions and director David Wood. This is Nelly's second collaboration with this group of creatives after a successful collaboration on the play Untitled 2009 performed in 2019 on the mainstage of the Tron Theatre as part of the Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven 10 year anniversary and was later performed during LGBT History month at the Traverse Theatre.  

In February 2019 their play The Dogwood was selected to be part of Pride Plays at the Traverse Theatre.

Other credits invlude include; Sacramental  (written and performed by Nelly), a Commission by Marrakesh based company Mintworks, presented at Guest Projects, London with a shorter version presented at Glasgow Feminist Arts and Film Festival at the CCA and a work-in-progress sharing at Take Me Somewhere Symposium 2018, University of Glasgow. Queeresa Gay: Fields of Gold, created for Buzzcut Double Thrills, CCA, also presented as a regular performance at Oasissy's Late Night Queer Cabaret run at the Fringe Festival, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh.

Nelly is also 1/3 of the Drag Troupe Haus of Gay, along with fellow drag artists Boris Gay and Lil' Creep.

New Playwrights Award Recipient 2020 

Nelly will be developing their play 54 Months in Waiting as part of their New Playwrights Award:

Set in Scotland somewhere in the near future, in a world somewhat like our own, in a place that feels somehow familiar, the play 54 Months in Waiting takes us on a journey through the rich tapestry of trans history and current trans life in Scotland and Beyond.   Angus and Skye take shelter from the world outside, allowing themselves space to invent their own reality far removed from the one they wish to escape from. But how long can they keep this pretence up when the outside world comes knocking? And will they be able or willing to leave their imagined utopia behind when it does?

Nelly is receiving dramaturgical support on this play from playwright Johnny McKnight.

Photograph by Ingrid Mur

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