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Rachel Clive

Rachel is a writer, theatre-maker and arts facilitator based in Scotland. She was founder and artistic director of Tramway's Theatre Arts Group and  has a particular interest in collaborating across social boundaries and artistic disciplines.

Iron Sky: co-creator, Saturday Citizens, Citizens' Theatre, July 2015

My Question Is... director and co-creator with musician Ruari Wilson and 12 prisoners/performers, Glenochil Prison, June 2015

Jack's Cafe: co-creator, Citizens' Theatre Friday Club, March 2015

Sports Day: Contributing playwright (dir. Neil Packham), Citizens' Theatre June '14

Sticky Labels, Stigma and Hope: Facilitator- deviser. Glenochil Prison (CDN/NCL), June '14

It's a Jungle out there! Writer/co-creator, Citizens' Theatre (Friday Club), Nov '13

Scott's Story: Writing facilitator, Glenochil Prison, June '13

Dave: Writing facilitator/director, Glenochil Prison, Dec '12

MoHo: Deviser/director, Tramway Studio (Theatre Arts Group), July '12

Sisters: Writer/deviser/co-director, Platform Theatre (National Youth Theatre/Open Access), June '12

Moving in Houses: Artistic director, Tramway 5 (Theatre Arts Group), Jan '12

Ghost Office: Playwright (dir. Peter Collins), The Lighthouse (National Youth Theatre), Jul '11

The Veil: Writer/deviser, Tramway 4 (Theatre Arts Group), Apr '11

Stars Over Glasgow: Playwright, Tramway 4, Nov '10

Tartuga: Playwright, CCA5 (PSS/The Arches/MHAFF), Oct '10  

Rose and Bones: Writer-director, Tramway 4 (Theatre Arts Group), June '10

The Dance Took the Choice Away: Co-creator, The Arches (Creative Identeties), June '10

Siren Song: Poet/lyricist (composer Claire Docherty), Oran Mor (Sirens of Titan Choir), Dec '09

The Trick is to Keep Writing: Curator/facilitator/programmer, Mitchell Library (Lapidus/ Glasgow Uni/ VoX/MHAFF), Oct '09

(King) Trojan: Writer-director/deviser, Tramway "Street" (Theatre Arts Group), Oct '09

Sunny Dunny: Writer-director/deviser, Glasgow City Halls (Theatre Arts Group/OYR), Apr '09

Lucid Cycle: the Secret Life of Clothes: Writer-director/deviser, Tramway 4 (Theatre Arts Group), Apr '09

Poetry in Art Exhibition: Open Up Your Gate/Private: Poet and photographer, St. Mungo's Museum (Seeds of Thought), 2008/09

Mixed Blessings: Writer -director/deviser, Phoenix Centre (Lapidus/Epilepsy Connections), Feb '09

Looked After: Playwright (dir. Bruce Strachan), RSAMD, Sep '08

You Can Feel Like You're Falling: Joker/facilitator/trainer, Partick Annexe (Epilepsy Connections/GMC), Feb '08

Bonnie's Clyde: Performer/co-creator, Pearce Institute (RSAMD), Oct '07

My Redcoat: Writer-director/deviser, Adelphi Centre (GCNS/Glasgow), Jun '07

Danny's band: Writer-director/deviser, Adelphi Centre, Jun '07

Scrooge (an adaptation): Writer-director, GCNS Theatre (Glasgow), Dec '06

The Battle Between Light and Dark: Director/deviser, Adelphi Centre, Jun '06

Waiting for the Taxi: Writer-director/deviser, Adelphi Centre, Jun '06

A Glasgow Story: Writer-director,GCNS Theatre,Dec '05

Sorry I'm late: Writer -director/deviser, St.Oswald's Sec. (Glasgow) 2005

Goldie and the 3 Neds: Writing facilitator/director, St Oswald's Sec., 2004

Cussed Oot: Performance poet, Venues across Wales, '94-97

The Three Wise Queens: Writer-director, Cerrig Camu Res. Est., Dec'95

Mistress Macbeth: Writer-performer (dir. Gill Ogden), Schools across Wales (Shakespeare in Schools/Aberystwyth Arts Centre) '94-5

Banba: Writer-performer (dir. Gill Ogden), Celtica Museum (Machynlleth/Wales), '94-5

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