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Sandy Nelson

Writer, actor and musician, Sandy began writing in 2006 after 15 years as an actor. He continues to act as well as write and was a stand up comic for a while.

He has written 6 stage plays: Metrosexual; The Glimmering Nymph; Baltamire; Bite The Bullet (with Keith Warwick); The Gospel Inquiry; Hooray For All Kind Of Things, 2 radio pilots: Marshall's Misdemeanours; Baltamire, and 2 adaptations: Pygmalion; The Taming Of The Shrew.

He was Shetland Writer In Residence in early 2011 and has written several articles for Shetland Life, The Herald and The List as well as contributing to various BBC Radio Scotland programmes.

He is from Glasgow and now (after a few years in Shetland and a wee stint in Moray) lives in Argyll with his wife and weans.

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