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Seonag Monk

Awarding winning writer Seonag Monk has been writing for twenty years. She has written for long form television drama, animated film, stage, radio and has just completed her third children's book. She has recently been commissioned to write her first novel.

Seonag's theatre writing experience began with the Gaelic theatre company Tosg in 1995 with the play Earball, quickly followed a year later with Roinn Mhic 's Athair and two children's plays. Seonag has written pieces for the Traverse theatre.

In 2007 Seonag was commissioned to write There's No V in Gaelic - a show which ran for two sold out nights in the Citzens theatre and featured an all female cast.

".......the play's open, unpretentious tone, its taboo-busting subject-matter, and the flexible, contemporary quality of the Gaelic it uses - full of 21st-century English phrases and vocabulary - that makes it at least as accessible to non-speakers as any other contemporary drama in an unfamiliar language. And it seems to me that this is a show that should, in time, be seen all over Scotland." Joyce McMillan, Scotsman.

"I've had the privilege to direct Seonag's work on more than one occasion and to witness how completely it connects with its many Gaelic and English-speaking audiences from Stornoway to London. Hers is a distinctive, popular and authentic voice that deserves to be heard more widely." Guy Hollands Associate Director Citizen's Theatre

Recently Seonag has returned to theatre with the smash hit comedy Gaol 's Gàire / Love & Laughter and is preparing for a spring tour.

Photograph by Alan McCredie

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