Duais airson Sgrìobhadh Dràma Gàidhlig 2021

We are delighted to announce the playwright who has been selected for the  Duais airson Sgrìobhadh Dràma Gàidhlig 2021:

Rona Dhòmhnallach

Rona Dhòmhnallach was raised on the family croft on the island of South Uist, and is part of the lost generation of Gaelic speakers, where many were discouraged from connecting with Gaelic language and culture at school, in a time before the Gaelic-Medium revival had begun.  From a family of renowned Gaelic singers, storytellers and pipers she tries to challenge and address this imbalance in her cultural identity through her writing, something that she has been driven to do since her early teens. In the last few years she has written and performed Fuaigh, a Ceilidh Play originally commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland, Chan Urrain Dhomh Falach Nad Theanga/ I Can't Hide in Your Tongue.

The play Rona will be developing as part of her Duais airson Sgrìobhadh Dràma Gàidhlig 2021:

Rona will research and develop a Gaelic script for theatre, exploring the physical themes of land, succession and fertility, juxtaposed with internal conflict of unrequited love, societal repression and resulting manifestation of aggression and violence. She will research ways that the beautiful Uist landscapes and Gaelic song can punctuate this exploration of the human condition for the stage. As an emerging writer she will use this time to develop her skills as a Gaelic playwright, work with artists to develop characters in the script and with a dramaturg to develop story and theatricality.

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