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Frequently Asked Questions

I have previously applied for a Playwriting Programme but was not selected. Does this mean that my writing isn't what you're looking for? 

If you have applied before and still feel that the Programme is an opportunity you would benefit from, please apply again and tell us how your writing and your career is progressing.  

Playwrights' Studio is an artistically independent development organisation, so we are not looking for a particular style of play or type of writing. We welcome as many different ideas, stories and voices as possible. 

Selection is made by considering a range of criteria, not just your writing. It is important that recipients get the best possible experience from the Programme. So please tell us as much as you can about your writing experience and how this opportunity will help you improve your craft and assist in your professional development.

"Don't be put off by rejection because I think I applied twice before and didn't get selected. I've heard that from a lot of people. It's a process of applying and reapplying. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it first time"Maryam Hamidi

Can I apply for more than one Playwriting Programme in the same year?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications for more than one Programme from the same applicant. Our Programmes offer different development opportunities to playwrights at different career stages. If you are unsure which to apply for, read the criteria carefully. Be clear about your objectives and what you hope to achieve. This should help you decide which Programme is most appropriate for your needs. If you are still unclear, please feel free to contact us via or call us on 0141 334 4403.

Will you pay travel or other expenses?

We are committed to ensuring that no playwright who takes part in our Programme is financially disadvantaged as a result - or that those based outside of the central belt of Scotland feel put off from applying because of financial concerns. 

We will always pay out-of-pocket travel expenses to those attending sessions requested by Playwrights' Studio.

We are a small arts organisation with limited resources. Occasionally we will need to make alternative arrangements such as video conferencing or telephone mentoring to avoid lengthy journeys. Equally, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment. Therefore, we actively encourage anyone attending meetings, workshops or other events organised by the organisation to use public transport whenever possible.

We will discuss this with you in advance to ensure that you are in no way placed in an unfavourable position due to your physical location.

Should you have any queries or issues regarding other expenses, we will be happy to discuss these with you and offer advice where possible. Please contact us via or call us on 0141 334 4403.

Can you provide additional support to allow me to take part in your Programmes?

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland work closely with all playwrights selected for our Programmes to ensure that their specific needs are met. For example, this could be provision of BSL interpreters at mentoring sessions, childcare costs or simply documents printed in a different format. Please to contact us via or call us on 0141 334 4403 do discuss what we can do to support you through the Programme.

Do I need to have qualifications to apply?

You do not need to have any qualifications to apply for any of our Programmes.

If I am not selected, will you provide feedback on my application?

Because of the high volume of applications we receive every year, we are unable to provide feedback on every application. 

We offer feedback to applicants who are shortlisted for the Mentoring Programme, New Playwrights Awards and Gaelic Playwriting Programme. When applying, you will be asked to indicate if you wish to receive feedback.

Feedback is not offered on your writing samples.This is because we provide a number of opportunities to receive feedback on your plays during the year. This includes the National Script Reading Service, and Script Surgeries. Sign up to our e-news for information about these services and any other opportunities for feedback. 

Mentoring Programme, New Playwrights Awards and Gaelic Playwriting Award

What should I include in my writing samples?

The writing samples help to give the selection panel a flavour of your writing. The idea that you want to work on may not be written yet so we do not expect it to be one of your samples. However, if you have begun to write a script based on your idea, you are welcome to submit an extract from it. 

Who will provide dramaturgical support?

Dramaturgical support will be provided by one of our Associate Playwrights or an external freelance theatre professional. If you are selected for a New Playwrights Award or the Gaelic Playwriting Award, we will meet with you during the Playwriting Programme Induction Day and help you prioritise your needs.

Professional Workshop Programme

My proposal includes a rehearsed reading and I would like to invite an industry audience. Is this possible?

Rehearsed readings can be a useful way to gain feedback from an audience as part of the script development process. However, we would always ask playwrights to carefully consider the purpose of a reading. 

I have never put together an outline of costs before. How do I do this?

We do not require a detailed budget from you. However, we do need to know how you would allocate the money should your application be successful. Things to consider when putting together your outline: your daily fee as the writer attending your own workshops, travel for other artists, venue hire and childcare costs.

Playwrights' Studio pays recommended industry rates for writers, directors and actors. Please contact Emma McKee, General Manager, at to discuss this further.

I don't have any other artists involved at this stage. Will this affect my application?

This will not affect your application. Playwrights' Studio has a number of contacts for directors and actors experienced in working with new writing. We can also assist you with contracting other types of artists, e.g. choreographers, stage designers. Our partners include The Envelope Room, Curious Seed and The Work Room.

The timescale for my activity has changed since I submitted my application. What should I do?

If the timescale for your activity changes, please contact Emma McKee, General Manager, at as soon as possible to discuss this further. As a small busy arts organisation, it is beneficial if activity is spread throughout the year, so please don't feel pressure to schedule your activity immediately if a date later in the year would be better for you.


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