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Mentoring - How to Apply

Applications are now closed.
We hope to reopen applications in summer 2021.

Is the Mentoring Programme right for me?

Mentoring is aimed towards aspiring and emerging playwrights who might have one or more of the following:

  • Very little, if any, playwriting experience. For example, you have yet to write your first full-length play.
  • Rehearsed readings of your work or worked with others to improve your skills. However, this is not required.
  • Experience in other areas of creative writing. For example, prose, poetry or spoken word.

Am I eligible for the Mentoring Programme?

To be eligible to apply for the Mentoring Programme, you will meet the following criteria:

  • You are an aspiring or emerging playwright living anywhere in Scotland, or from Scotland and living elsewhere.
  • You have a specific idea you want to develop into a full-length play. You will receive the most benefit from the Mentoring Programme if you are writing a play from scratch, so your play idea should not already be fully or substantially written. However, we understand that you may already have drafted some scenes. 
  • You are available from mid-December for eight months to work on your script regularly. This includes monthly two-hour mentoring sessions.
  • You are available on Friday 4 December 2020 for the Playwriting Programme Induction Day. If you are unable to make this date, please let us know via
  • You are not a student in full-time formal education (16 hours or more per week) at the start of the Mentoring Programme. Applications may be considered from individuals who are undertaking a part-time course of study. However, this will depend on how it relates to your course.

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe diversity is essential to a thriving cultural sector and aim to work actively with writers from a range of different backgrounds.

Because they are currently underrepresented, we strive to increase applications from and representation within our Programmes from playwrights:

  • Writing in Gaelic, Scots or BSL
  • Based outside the central belt of Scotland
  • From Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic backgrounds
  • Who are disabled
  • From socio-economically deprived backgrounds
  • Who are female, trans or non-binary 

We welcome playwrights of any gender, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation.


We work closely with all the playwrights selected for our Programmes to ensure that their specific requirements are met. For example, this could be provision of BSL interpreters at mentoring sessions, childcare costs or simply documents printed in a different format. We have a dedicated access budget that enables us to provide this support. If you would like to, please contact us via to discuss what we can do to support you through the Programme.  

How does the selection process work for the Mentoring Programme?

In making its selection the panel considers:

  • How Mentoring will contribute to the development of your writing.
  • Your commitment to developing your playwriting skills and experience.
  • The originality and potential of your idea and your voice.
  • The most appropriate 'fit' with our mentors. For example, how they can best support you in developing your play, your skills and your experience.

A limited number of places are available each year and we receive many more applications than we are able to support. The selection panel for 2020/21 includes the mentors, Annie George, John McCann and Adura Onashile, and is chaired by  Fiona Sturgeon Shea, Creative Director, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland.

Playwrights writing in Gaelic or Scots can submit their full application in Gaelic or Scots. If you wish to submit your application in BSL, please contact us at to discuss this further.

How do I apply?

We use the submissions management system Submittable to streamline our application process. You may find it helpful to use the practice application form & guide, to help you draft your submission before transferring to Submittable.

If you are unable to use Submittable, you can:

  • Email your submission to
  • Post your application to: Mentoring Programme, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland, CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

If applying by email or post you will need to include an Equalities Monitoring Form.

Please let us know if you would like the application form in a different format or require assistance completing the form. Contact us via email at

If you have problems using Submittable, or have any questions at all regarding or the application process, please feel free to email We are happy to help.

What do I to need include in my application?

As part of your application you will need to provide:

  • Contact details (including name, address and mobile number).
  • Details of any communication or other access requirements that we should be aware of to support your participation in this Programme.
  • A statement explaining why you would like to be mentored, your commitment to developing your playwriting skills, and any previous experience.
  • Your idea for the play you wish to work on as part of the Mentoring Programme.
  • A 100 word summary of your play idea. If your application is selected, this will be published on the Playwrights Studio website.
  • Details of anything else about yourself you feel is relevant to your application.
  • A brief biography detailing your writing experience to date. If your application is selected, this will be published on the Playwrights Database on the Playwrights' Studio website.
  • Two five-page samples of your writing, at least one of these must be from a stage play.
  • Synposes for each sample (maximum 50 words each. Please include these at the top of each writing sample).
  • Whether you would like to write in English, Gaelic, Scots or BSL.
  • Confirmation you are available on Friday 4 December 2020 for the Playwriting Programme Induction Day. If you are unable to make this date, please let us know via
  • Confirmation you are available on Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 July 2020 for the readthrough and sharing
  • Whether you would like to receive feedback on your application.

Deadline for applications: the deadline for 2020 has passed. Applications will reopen summer 2021..

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their submission no later than Friday 27 November 2020.

Before you start your application please read the Frequently Asked Questions and use the practice application form & guide.


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