2019 Playwrights

We are delighted to announce the six playwrights who have been selected to take part in the Mentoring Programme 2019. 

Alice Cooper Profile Pic Alice Mary Cooper is a playwright, theatre maker, actor and clown originally from Sydney, Australia.  She makes performances for all ages that are highly physical with a strong character focus. She is passionate about sustainability and creating work that has the environment at its heart.

Alice will be mentored by Oliver Emanuel.

Alice will be developing her play Billie and the Kelly Gang as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

It's Sydney 1971, and a group of women are trying to save Kelly's Bush, the last remaining undeveloped bushland in the suburb of Woolwich. They are the 'Battlers for Kelly's Bush'. Together with the decidedly communist Builders Labourers Federation, these 13 'genteel housewives' formed an unlikely allegiance and changed history. The play aims to tell this incredible, but little know story, from the perspective of Billie, the fictional eleven year-old child of one of the battlers.  

Rehanna Profile Pic Rehanna MacDonald trained as an actor at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Since graduating in 2014, she has worked with companies including the National Theatre of Scotland, Traverse theatre, Royal Lyceum theatre in Edinburgh, Stellar Quines and Tamasha Theatre Company.

Rehanna will be mentored by Lewis Hetherington.

Rehanna will be developing a new play as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

Rona isn't Scottish 

Like the island 

She's Kurdish 

It's Friday night and she's in her room 

Smell the salt and vinegar from her pizza crunch? 

See her posters of the PKK? 

She wants to do something other than the others today. 

This play will be about being young, being other, being a rebel, being a hero, being a woman, being sexual, being violent, being lonely, and being convicted.

Mhairi Quinn Profile Pic Mhairi Quinn graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh with a First-class honours degree in Drama and Theatre Arts. Mhairi's work has been performed at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh as well as the Tron Theatre, The CCA and Oran Mor in Glasgow. Mhairi makes up one third of 'The Tandem Writing Collective' and writes and produces new work in venues across Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Mhairi will be mentored by Morna Pearson.

Mhairi will be developing her play The Politics of White Stuff as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

Spring 2018 and Scotland is at a standstill because of snow. Climate change is flaunting her capabilities, but the politics of this issue spread much further than government level. The play follows school janitor, Audrey, and her battle against the council's 'red tape' when faced with the dilemma of caring for a 6-year-old boy who has been dropped off in her school playground. It questions our morals and poses the debate between what is right, and what is just politics gone mad.  

Ellen Renton Profile Pic
Ellen Renton is a writer based in Edinburgh. She studied English Literature at the University of Glasgow and then a Masters in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. As part of In The Works Spoken Word Theatre Company she has co-written and performed two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, with the most recent of which,The 900 Club, being received with critical acclaim and selected for the UK Young Artists Festival 2019 in Nottingham.

Ellen will be mentored by Lewis Hetherington.

Ellen will be developing a new play as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

A community writing group meets once a month to share their artistic efforts. Eavesdropping on one of their sessions which revolves around a single poem written by one of the group's members, the play explores the ideas of community, integrity and artistic intention. As each individual offers their advice on how to improve the poem, their own preferences and prejudices are revealed.

Gabriella Profile Pic Gabriella Sloss is a Glasgow-based playwright, who recently graduated from the University of Glasgow with an MLitt in Playwriting and Dramaturgy. She is Co-Founder, Writer and Marketing Manager for theatre company Skin Deep Theatre. She has worked with improv-based rehearsals to create scripts such as The Gunning Sisters, which was performed at Sloans (Glasgow, 2016) as part of the On The Verge Festival.

Gabriella will be mentored by Morna Pearson.

Gabriella will be developing a new play play as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

After an act of sexual violence, Harriet is finding it hard to be physically intimate with her partner and it's taking a toll on her relationship. She determines her own route to sexual healing and seeks help online and finds Jake, a sex worker self-described as the "King of the Clitoris". This is a story about the kind of trust, honesty and solace that comes from two strangers within a finite period of time.

Diane Stewart Profile Pic Diane Stewart is a playwright from Fife. She graduated from Queen Margaret University with a BA in Drama and Performance in 2014, then from the University of York in 2016 with a MA in Theatre: Writing Directing and Performance, specialising in playwriting. In 2018 she spent some time in Sweden studying Performance Studies focusing on Gender and Feminism at Stockholm University.

Diane will be mentored by Oliver Emanuel.

Diane will be developing a new play as part of the Mentoring Programme for 2019.

The play focuses on a community at odds with their local government over an area of woodland as the government want to remove parts of it to make way for a new road. The locals have a historic connection to these trees as their ancestors live on inside them. The play looks at how grief, passion and a love of nature can be used to make a positive change.

Photography by Richard Campbell

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