New Playwrights Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce the playwrights who have been selected to receive New Playwrights Awards in 2021.

Kenny Boyle

Lewis born and based playwright Kenny Boyle trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and holds a masters in classical and contemporary text, as well as an honours degree in English, literature and theatre studies from the University of Strathclyde. His plays include  Playthrough, and  Aladdin. He has developed events for The National Trust for Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, and Police Scotland.  Kenny is passionate about writing theatre that explores the lives of those in rural communities, tackles the stigma of poor mental health, and connects to under-represented audiences.

The play Kenny will be developing as part of his New Playwrights Award:

How do you get by in the city if you grew up learning how to shear sheep and cut peat, but have never walked on a street with a pavement before? The story of a boy from a tiny village tucked away in the corner of the western isles who finds himself going to school in Glasgow, and the clash of cultures between his rural upbringing and city life. How do you fit in when you don't know a pog from a Tamagotchi, can only understand half of what your classmates say, and don't even know what a squirrel is?

Zoë Bullock

Zoë Bullock is a writer and performer based in Glasgow, originally from Sheffield. Her work includes Island ChainsGranny FenellaLittle Spoon's Big AdventureChamber 404, and 'Till Human Voices Wake Us. She was the Digital Creative Consultant for Scottish Youth Theatre's National Ensemble 2020 show Drip//Slick//Spill. She is currently developing Shō and the Demons of the Deep, a show for family audiences, with Independent Arts Projects.

The play Zoë will be developing as part of her New Playwrights Award:

Shizuko, Mariko and Meg are three generations separated by blood, culture, and old grievances. When Shizuko's health deteriorates, her daughter and grand-daughter move back in to look after her. However, each carry their own secrets and, fuelled by paranoia and miscommunication, the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur. The past has them firmly in its grip, until Shizuko has an idea that will save them… if it doesn't kill them first. Island Chains is about inherited trauma, what gives someone claim to a story, and if it's possible to love someone you fundamentally don't understand.

Isla Robertson

Isla Robertson is a playwright from Morvern in the west highlands of Scotland. Her work for stage includes The Coffin Race, Fair Play, On Air, The Beginning of Now, Mum, After the Beep, and Body Issues. Her short story, The Beach, was long-listed for The Mogford Prize in 2020. She is currently developing Digging Deeper with 'Soil Voices' as part of Our Living Soil's cultural response to the World Congress of Soil Science Glasgow 2022.

The play Isla will be developing as part of her New Playwrights Award:

St Kilda is an epic tale of that extraordinary island's history told through the eyes of a young St Kildan woman on the eve of their evacuation in 1930. Weaving their myths and the reality of their world together she tells the story of her life as they face up to the knowledge that, if they go through with it, in the morning nothing will ever be the same again.

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