Professional Workshop Programme 2019/20

Flexible Support

Jules Horne Jules Horne

Jules will use the Flexible Support she receives to help develop her new script The Brutiful Game, a play celebrating women's rugby in Scotland.
Drew Taylor Drew Taylor Wilson

Drew will use his flexible support to develop This is Not a Love Song, a play with songs that is somewhere between an ensemble Christmas movie, a stripped back folk-music musical and a poetic love-letter for a time when traditional notions of love could be/should be/ might be thrown out the window.

Self-Directed Writing Residency


Jack Dickson Jack Dickson

Jack will use his writing residency to research a new play, The Girls of Cartridge Hut Number 7, about the Ardeer Nobel Explosives Plant in Stevenston. The play aims to commemorate everyone who worked at 'The Dets' and meditate on how we move forward, in a post-industrial world.
James Ley James Ley

James will use his residency at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig to complete a full first draft of a new, epic, three act musical. Set in Scotland and America at the start of the 19th century, the tale is part historical adventure, part queer love story.
Mariem Omari - Playwright Mariem Omari

After spending almost two years thinking about, and compiling ideas, articles and personal accounts on the impact of Jinn and black magic on mental health, Mariem will use a Playwrights Studio self-directed writing residency to start writing a new play that explores this issue.

Supported Script Development Workshop

Anne Downie Anne Downie

Anne will be using the two-day workshop to develop her new script Out of Sight,  inspired by Charles Bonnet Syndrome, a condition which causes people who have a sudden loss of vision to see things that are not there.
Rebecca Sharp Rebecca Sharp

Rebecca's script development workshop will be for her new play Lines of Bearing (working title). Based in a fictional ex-quarry town in Scotland, the play centres around a land dispute and community buyout; historical grievances and personal secrets that are tied to the land; and the emotional consequences that are unearthed.
Isabel Wright Isabel Wright

Isabel will use her workshop to develop her play Below, which follows the lives of people who exist on the brink of the hole left by austerity. They struggle to claw their way out as their safety net grows thin and they come to rely on one of their few remaining community services: the local library.

Project Management

Michael Duke Michael Duke

We are providing project management support to playwright Michael Duke for his new play Irene Barr, about a woman who refuses to stop fighting against the social injustice that followed the banking crash of 2008. Michael's project is funded by Creative Scotland.
Janine McEwan Janine McEwan

Cider Maguire is a coming of age tale about a disabled teenager and his parents. At his parents insistence, the family go on a trip to see his grandmother. But en route the campervan they are traveling in breaks down forcing them all to have a conversation about Cider's disability and his future. This brings them all to the realisation that Cider's own vision for his future is in sharp contrast to his parents' vision for him. The National Theatre of Scotland supported Janine through their Breakthrough writer development programme.

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