New Zealand

In 2016, a hugely successful playwright exchange between Scotland and New Zealand took place. New Zealand playwright Arthur Meek visited Scotland, where he was Writer-in-Residence with Magnetic North for three months.  The resulting play, Erewhon, was subsequently produced by Magnetic North and Christchurch Festival in 2017. The exchange came out of a wider strategy cultivated by the partners over a number of years to encourage the exchange of creative ideas, voices and forms between two distinctive yet synergistic communities of international artists.

In the longer term, the aim is to build sustainable links for collaboration between playwrights and producers; the commissioning and production of new plays; touring productions, transfers and co-productions.

In 2018. the second phase of the exchange will take place where a playwright from Scotland will become Writer-in-Residence for a theatre company in New Zealand.

Find out more about the application process for New Zealand Playwright Residency Programme.

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