Moon Country

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by Peter Arnott

Plays 1: Borders Pub Theatre (Texthouse)

plays by Thomas Clark, Jules Horne, Campbell Hutcheson, Anita John, Emily Larner, JRH McEwen, LJ McIntyre, Roger Simian, Robert Sproul-Cran

Lazy Susan; The Incredible Adam Spark

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by Alan Bissett

Òran Mo

by Catrìona Lexy Chaimbeul 

Diary o a Wimpy Wean; Intae the Snaw

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by Thomas Clark

A Wilder VeinCall of the UndertowDoubling Back: Ten Paths Trodden in MemoryThe Searching Glance

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by Linda Cracknell

FreeFrom (Jas Anderson Thriller Book 1); Banged Up (Jas Anderson Thriller Book 2); Some Kind of Love (Jas Anderson Thriller Books 3)

by Jack Dickson

Everything Passes, Everything Remains: Freewheelin' Through Spain, Song and Memory 

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by Chris Dolan

The Miami Disclosure

by Anne Downie

Firestarter; Tug of War; Let's Do It!

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by Cathy Forde

The Butterfly's Wing; First and Fiftieth; A Sense of Loss; Weekend

by Martin Foreman

The Little Book of Swimming Safely: Incomplete Advice for Wild Swimmer

by Sue Gyford 

The Great Edge, After the Rain, Winter Barley

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by George Gunn

Dramatic Techniques for Creative Writers 

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by Jules Horne

Eclectic Witchery 

by Ailie Hunter 

Stuart Hood, Twentieth-Century Partisan 

edited by David Hutchinson and David Johnson  

A' Togail an t-SrùbainBhon Phlateau dhan a' ChladachFon Choill

by Calum L. MacLeòid

The Desert and the Drum by Mbarek Ould Beyrouk 

translated by Rachael McGill

A Choreographer's Cartography; Lovers, Liars, Conjurers and Thieves

by Raman Mundair

Sins of the Father

by Tom Murray

Unmapped; The Beginners; Little Forks / Forcan Beaga; Rough Currency

by Rebecca Sharp

The Mostly Indian Batch Cookbook 

by Kay Singh

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