The Space Online

As part of our year-round services for playwrights, we're delighted to offer use of The Space Online to Scotland's playwrights.

The Space Online is a private breakout room on our Zoom Pro account for playwrights to use to:

  • meet with collaborators
  • hold meetings
  • conduct script development
  • rehearse
  • work as part of an online writers' group

The use of The Space Online is completely free for playwrights and can be booked for up to a week at a time, depending on availability. It is generally available between 10.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, but do get in touch if you wish to discuss using The Online Space at another time.

Staff are happy to provide any guidance and advice about using Zoom.

Unfortunately, The Space Online is not suitable for public readings or for holding auditions. If there's another way you would like to use The Space Online, please do get in touch with us to discuss the options.

Playwrights Rona Munro and Lynda Radley have been making use of The Space Online recently to host a writers' group using the Pomodoro Technique. See the video below to hear more about their experience.

If you would like to discuss using The Space Online to set up your own writers' group, please do get in touch!

To find out more about The Space Online or to book a session, simply email

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