Tom McGrath Writers Room

About the Tom McGrath Writers Room

In November 2011, Playwrights' Studio acquired an additional working space with desks to let to playwrights. The space is situated on the Cultural Tenants floor of the CCA, two doors down from our main office.

Back in January 2012, we found ourselves going back to some of the original ideas of what Playwrights' Studio should offer to playwrights. One of these was, "space for development work," so the Writers' Room, in a modest way, serves this need.


How does it work?

Desks are available to let on a part-time basis for £22.50 per month in the Tom McGrath Writers' Room.  Furnished with desks and chairs, the room can accommodate up to five playwrights at a time and includes access to the Plays Library, wireless internet and printing facilities. 

Accessible from:

Monday -  10am to 5pm
Tuesday - 10am to midnight
Wednesday - 10am to midnight
Thursday - 10am to midnight
Friday - 10am to midnight
Saturday - 10am to midnight
Sunday - noon to midnight

If you would like to be put on the waiting list to rent a desk or wish to arrange to view the room, please call Amy on 0141 332 4403 or email

What the playwrights say...

Coming in to the Writers' Room is, for me, like coming in to the office: it's a calm, focused space that lets me leave everything else outside and concentrate on the work."

Linda Duncan McLaughlin


I really enjoy working within the CCA building - I can go and talk to the Playwrights' Studio team or meet people for lunch at the cafe downstairs. The facilities that come with renting a desk including printing and access to the Playwrights' Studio Library are also added bonuses. It's a joy to use the space and gives me a chance to meet other writers who I wouldn't usually meet."

Stef Smith


About the Tom McGrath

Tom McGrath was a playwright, poet and jazz pianist. In 1973, Tom was appointed as the first Artistic Director of the Third Eye Centre, which is known today as the CCA. 

In the late 1980s, he became the Scottish Arts Council's Associate Literary Director, supporting and nurturing a new generation of playwrights including David Harrower, David Greig, Douglas Maxwell and Zinnie Harris.

In 2004, Tom was a driving force behind the establishment of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland, which we hope continues his work supporting and inspiring the next generation of writers. Sadly, he passed away in 2009.

Given Tom's tireless work to get Playwrights' Studio established we approached the Tom McGrath Trust who very kindly gave their permission to rename the space after Tom as an acknowledgment of his contribution. That it is housed within the CCA makes this even more special.

Photo Source: Andy Low

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