About the Scottish Borders Playwriting Programme

In 2017, Playwrights' Studio, Scotland launched a workshop programme for playwrights in the Scottish Borders. The aim of the programme was to provide a forum for writers to learn, grow and develop their work in the region, actively supported by Playwrights' Studio and Scotland's wider playwriting community.

Led by Hawick-born playwright Jules Horne, these monthly workshops formed a practical toolkit covering topics such as conflict, status, secrets, objects, dramatic irony, reversals, rhythm, character arcs, and other vital cornerstones of the dramatist's craft. Members received script-in-progress feedback throughout the programme.

As part of the six workshops, playwrights had the opportunity to take part in a dedicated workshop in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival.

To top off the programme there was an opportunity for a public sharing of work later in the year as part of TalkFest in the Borders.

Programme summary:

  • Six workshops, including a dedicated Edinburgh Festival workshop
  • Supportive and committed group of playwrights
  • Script-in-progress feedback
  • Sharing of Work

Dates for Workshops:

  • Monday 3 July
  • Monday 31 July
  • Tuesday 22 August
  • Monday 25 September
  • Monday 30 October
  • Monday 27 November

Programme Outline:

3 July

Big Picture: What is story? Whose story? Journeys, arcs, theme, transformation, dramatic ideas.

31 July
Play People: Characters, conflict, wants, stakes, status, secrets, scenes.

22 August
Workshop in Edinburgh. Finding Inspiration led by Associate Playwright  Lynda Radley

25 September
Out and About: place, objects, show/tell, ritual, disruption, form/meaning/politics

30 October
Flow Time: Tension, subtext, reversals, patterns, disruption, beats. 

27 November
Dialogue: Impulse, gesture, rhythm, metaphor/mindscape, characterisation, verbatim

Venue: 7.30pm - 9.30pm at the Meeting Room, Tower Mill, Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0AE

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland is a national organisation supporting playwrights across Scotland. The Scottish Borders Playwriting Programme is part of our long-term commitment to supporting playwrights in the Scottish Borders. Playwrights' Studio, Scotland is funded by Creative Scotland and Glasgow City Council which covers the cost of all our core development programmes.

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