Scottish Borders Playwriting Programme

Year Two

In year two, the playwrights began to move towards a sustainable playwriting model for the group. The main focus of the monthly meetings was to hone their individual skills for offering script feedback. In addition to the monthly group meetings, the following events were created to support their progress.

July 2018

Raising the Stakes

The group continued to receive playwriting workshops from professional playwrights, including a workshop with Johnny McKnight looking at how pushing the stakes in our drama can unleash and unlock the potential of our scripts. 

October 2018

Village Pub Theatre

James Ley and Caitlin Skinner, co-founders of Village Pub Theatre in Leith, led a workshop on the creation of a local platform for new writing. 

November 2018

Practical Playwriting

In this workshop, Sylvia Dow covered the joys and perils of getting the work started, getting the work done, and getting it a public airing.

March 2019

Borders Pub Theatre

Inspired by their work over the past two years and, in particular, the workshop with James and Caitlin from Village Pub Theatre, the group launched a new playwriting initiative in the Scottish Borders. The inaugural event was created with the support of Playwrights' Studio, Scotland.

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