About Born to Write

Ever been told you are a born storyteller? 

Always wanted to write but don't know where to start?

Born to Write is a public playwriting project from Playwrights' Studio, Scotland. 

Born to Write demonstrates Playwrights' Studio's passionate belief that everyone has the capacity to write, given the right kind of encouragement, support and resources. 

Playwrights' Studio, Scotland offer free workshops to give participants a taste of playwriting in a safe, supportive and fun environment.

These workshops are an opportunity for people who have never considered playwriting, or theatre, to immerse themselves in the joys and challenges of writing a play for the very first time. 

If you are an organisation interested in Born to Write and would like to discuss delivering the project in other local authority areas, please contact Emma McKee, General Manager on 0141 332 4403 or


"We've all got our own wee stories - we all live behind our own doors - but now we can talk and share."

"It was a dream come true for me."


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