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Born to Write 2013

"We've all got our own wee stories - we all live behind our own doors - but now we can talk and share."

"It was a dream come true for me."

Born to Write was a public playwriting project from Playwrights' Studio, Scotland supported by the Citizens' Theatre and Glasgow Life.

Born to Write offered unique opportunities for people from Castlemilk, Cranhill Drumchapel and Pollok - who had not considered playwriting as an option - to immerse themselves in the joys and challenges of writing a play for the very first time. 

As well as developing playwriting skills, having round-the-table readings with professional Scottish actors, visiting theatres and attending masterclasses, the challenge was to develop a scene or short play to be performed as part of a showcase at the Citizens Theatre.


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In April 2013, 33 writers received a reading of their work with professional directors and actors at the Citizens Theatre. Born to Write took to the road in June 2013 touring the writers' work to their local communities allowing more family and friends to enjoy the work.

Eight playwrights were then selected through an application process to receive one-to-one mentoring over a six month period with professional playwrights Johnny McKnightMartin O'Connor, Lisa Nicoll and Martin TraversLynda Radley delivered additional fortnightly workshops during this period.

Our mentored playwrights were:

  • Janette Baird                            
  • Angela Cunningham                          
  • Jacqueline Higgins                     
  • Mary Johnson-Symington                
  • Annie Love                              
  • Sandra MacRae                        
  • John Paul McBride                    
  • Jennie Robertson


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Born to Write demonstrates Playwrights' Studio's passionate belief that everyone has the capacity to write, given the right kind of encouragement, support and resources. 

Born to Write was funded through Creative Scotland's First in a Lifetime programme as part of the Year of Creative Scotland 2012. 

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