Applying if you have not had a professional commission or production

We acknowledge that playwrights from EDI priority groups have often not had access to commissioning or production opportunities at the same rate as their peers. This fund aims, in part, to help address these historical imbalances. Therefore you can apply for support from this fund even if you have not had a professional commission or production if you are:

  • Writing in Gaelic, Scots or BSL
  • Based outside the central belt of Scotland
  • A person of the Global Majority
  • Disabled*
  • From a socio-economically deprived background
  • Trans or non-binary

*A note on terminology - what do we mean by disabled?

We use the term 'disabled people' or 'disabled playwright' to refer to anyone who self-identifies as disabled. This can include D/deaf people if they identify as disabled as well as others living with impairments (physical, sensory, learning, cognitive, mental health, etc.) that identify as disabled. Playwrights' Studio use the Social Model of Disability and recognise that some people experience disabling barriers.

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